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Wheel Alignment in Conway, Arkansas

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Cars are designed in such a way to maximize both performance and their lifecycle. This is especially true for your wheels, which are set at specific angles to optimize tire-to-road contact and reduce stress on your suspension system. Unfortunately, as you drive over rough roads, hit curbs or potholes, and expose your vehicle to the elements, your wheels get knocked out of alignment. When this happens, your car’s weight is unevenly distributed over your tires, causing them to wear out in an accelerated, uneven way. This also forces your suspension system to take the brunt of any impact, leading to additional, more substantial problems. Proper alignment helps protect your car’s tire and suspension systems, maximize fuel efficiency, and prevent unnecessary repairs. When you need a wheel alignment, visit our trained professionals at Oak Street Automotive in Conway, Arkansas. For more than 30 years, our team has performed thousands of alignments to keep local drivers safe and protect their valuable assets. Our technicians are equipped with the best tools and technologies, so we can make sure your wheels are aligned to the manufacturer’s specifications. We’re available Monday through Saturday, so if you need our alignment experts, visit us today at 1210 E Oak Street Conway, AR 72032

Signs You Need A Wheel Alignment

The truth is that every car should have a wheel alignment every year or two, depending on your vehicle’s make and model. Typically, though, you’ll need an alignment when you get new tires, lift or lower your vehicle, or experience a fender-bender or other hard impact. Outside of these situations, you’ll want an alignment when you notice changes in your car’s performance. One of the most common clues you have a misalignment is when your vehicle pulls to one side when you’re trying to drive straight. Your steering wheel may also feel shaky, loose, or just otherwise “different.” Of course, you’ll also notice uneven tread wear caused by the unbalanced weight distribution. If you notice any of these signs or others, bring your vehicle to our shop and let our trained mechanics take care of the rest.

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At Oak Street Automotive we want your vehicle to be in its best shape. We’ll thoroughly inspect your car and review our recommendations when visiting our shop. If your tires are worn out, we’ll encourage you to choose from our selection of top-tier tire brands, so you can stay on the road and protect your car’s suspension system. Otherwise, you can wait in our inviting, comfortable waiting room while our technicians get your wheels back in alignment. Don’t wait to schedule your next wheel alignment — book an appointment online or give us a call at (501) 450-7744