Cooling System Repair

Cooling System Repair in Conway, AR

Extending Engine Life

How Does Coolant Work?

Coolant is a liquid circulating throughout your engine to regulate its temperature. It is typically a mixture of water and antifreeze that prevents it from freezing in cold temperatures and boiling in hot temperatures. The coolant is contained in the radiator, which is connected to the engine. When the engine is running, the water pump sends the coolant from the radiator through the engine. Once it absorbs heat generated by the combustion process, it returns to the radiator, cooled by passing through a series of fins that help dissipate the heat. Maintaining the proper level and quality of coolant through regular coolant flushes is important to ensure your engine operates safely and efficiently. At Oak Street Automotive, we offer coolant flushes for all makes and models. We also repair cooling systems if yours becomes compromised because of a faulty water pump, contaminated coolant, or broken radiator. Contact us today to learn more!

Signs of a Bad Cooling System

If your cooling system malfunctions, it could have several implications. The engine could run hotter than it should, for example, and eventually, get to where it will overheat. If this occurs, serious engine damage can result. Furthermore, the head gasket could blow, allowing coolant to enter the engine and mix with the oil. Your cooling system is a critical component, and keeping it in good working condition is essential to prevent overheating and potential engine damage. Some signs that your vehicle’s cooling system is failing or needs repair include steam or smoke from the engine, unusual noises like grinding or whining, milky or discolored oil, low coolant levels, and the temperature gauge reading higher than normal. As soon as you notice one of these signs, or any abnormality with how your vehicle is driving, book an appointment at our auto shop for cooling system repair. We can fix broken water pumps, defective fans, coolant leaks, and so much more.

We Offer Expert Cooling System Repairs

Are you in need of cooling system repair for your vehicle? Look no further than our auto shop! Our ASE-Certified technicians are experts in all forms of car care and are continuously trained on the latest equipment and procedures to stay ahead of the game. Whether it’s a coolant leak or a faulty radiator, we have the solution! We proudly offer a range of amenities to ensure your service experience with us is hassle-free. If you have a busy schedule, we have you covered with our after-hours pick-up and drop-off service. This allows you to drop off your vehicle and pick it up at any time—just give us a call ahead to arrange a time! We offer financing options to ensure you get the cooling system repairs you need, rotating service specials, and concierge service. Plus, with our free WiFi, you can stay connected while you wait. Visit Oak Street Automotive at 1210 E Oak Street Conway, AR 72032 for professional cooling system repair. You can schedule an appointment on our website or by calling (501) 450-7744. We look forward to working with you soon.